Life of The Carter
July 15, 2014
Life Updates.

  1. I’m still at home with my parents, but I only have 30 days until I move into my new apartment. Being back in Charlotte while most of my friends are elsewhere has sucked for lack of a better term, but I’ve been able to save a lot of money by eating my parent’s food and basically doing nothing all the time. In short, being home since mid-April has been a bit of a blessing despite the curse, but I’m more than ready to get back to Raleigh.
  2. Sometimes I think about the fact that I only have a year and a half left in college, but most of the time I don’t; coming to terms with how everything in my life is going to change in a little over a year isn’t something that I’m ready to tackle just yet.
  3. I’m accepting donations to get me back to Prague. Inquire within.
  4. My writing has really taken a back seat recently. I’ve slacked on my "two blog posts a week" initiative, and I haven’t touched my screenplay in almost a month. Pray for your boy’s willpower.
  5. I’m serious about Prague. I just want to go back.
  6. Remember how I said that I wanted to be more vulnerable? I’ve been doing that in real life, and I’ve learned a few things. For starters, it’s a whole lot better than never saying how you feel and keeping things internalized. But there’s an innate risk that comes with that, and that’s the risk of people not being as considerate as you would’ve wished for them to be. Be sure to consider that before you open up.

I think that’s it for now. As always, my inbox is open for questions.

Catch you kids later.

July 7, 2014

Need some distractions from all of my other obligations, so……….questions?

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June 17, 2014

ashleysimonee said: What's ur favorite album?

I go through too many phases to pick one, all-time favorite album.

At the moment, my favorite is Because the Internet. That album is very inspiring and important to me.

June 17, 2014

Anonymous said: Favorite memory from high school?

The more removed I become from high school, the more that I realize how much it sucked.

I did enjoy all of my theater classes, though.

June 17, 2014

Anonymous said: What advice would you give to Chris Brown?

Log off of Twitter.

June 17, 2014

Anonymous said: When you did study abroad how did it change you?

Whew…where do I start?

1.) I think that it made me more outgoing. I basically went on the trip with a group of over 50 strangers from my school, which forced me to extend myself more in order to meet people and make friends. That doesn’t come natural for me, especially when I don’t feel comfortable around a group of people, but once I finally came out of my shell, I had the best time of my life, and made some amazing friends.

2.) I learned how to be satisfied with God’s presence. I left the U.S. with a bit of a situation that was on my mind for most of the trip, and it sucked not being able to really resolve it because I was in another country, 6 hours ahead of everyone else. Eventually, I learned to give that situation up, and that opened me up to learn some lessons that God wanted to teach me. Sometimes you have to be totally taken out of a situation to learn what God wants to teach you, and this was one of those moments. I learned so much about God and myself during that time. It was amazing.

3.) I like beer now…that’s new.

June 17, 2014

Anonymous said: Favorite Janet Jackson song and why?

"I Get Lonely"

It’s very raw. Pure 90s, R&B goodness.

June 17, 2014

Anonymous said: What's something you learned about in college?

That you can’t do it by yourself. And when I say “it”, I mean life.

I tend to be very resourceful and self-reliant, almost to a fault at times. And sometimes, it’s necessary to rely on yourself, but there are times when you neeeeeeeeeeed other people, and that’s something that took me a while to understand.

June 17, 2014
Summertime boredom.

It’s summer.

I’m bored. You’re bored.

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May 26, 2014

Over the course of the last year or so, I’ve been more aware of the light in people.

When I say “light”, I’m referencing Matthew 5:14, where Jesus refers to His followers as the “light of the world” during the famous Sermon on The Mount. Now, if you’ve been anywhere around a Christian church, then you’re probably familiar with that passage, and if you’re like me, then it’s most likely one that you’ve taken for granted; I’ve noticed that we tend to downplay things that we hear all the time, and this verse is a great example of that.

But sometime within the last year, I started noticing that light in the people coming into my life, and some of the ones who’ve been there for a while. I’m now more aware of gentle, friendly dispositions, and while it’s become something that I’ve developed an admiration for, it’s also urged me to take a closer look at myself, and examine how I live my life.

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