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April 3, 2014

Anonymous asked: Name the three people that have made the biggest impact on your life and why you chose them.

I’m not picking family members, because…yeah. Or friends. Cuz I don’t want any problems.

1.) M. Night Shyamalan- I don’t care what anyone says about this man. He’s the only reason that I ever got into film and screenwriting. I wouldn’t be pursuing that as a career if it wasn’t for “Signs”.
2.) My youth pastor- I don’t think that I really took my relationship with Jesus seriously until I met my high school youth pastor. He’s like an older brother for me, and I’m definitely blessed to have met him.
3.) Michael Jackson- Don’t laugh, but I really do admire him as far as his work ethic, talent, and drive are all concerned. He was always very innovative, and worked hard to put blacks on the pop culture map.

April 3, 2014

Anonymous asked: Would you rather be freakishly handsome and have just average intelligence or distractingly ugly and have genius-level intelligence?

Oh, this is hard.
And as vain as it sounds, I would PROBABLY pick the first one, and here’s why:
You can definitely go FAR with an average amount of intelligence in this world. And the really good-looking part is a plus as well.
But with the freakishly-intelligent thing, I would be afraid of turning into more of a spectacle, especially when combined with the apparent ugliness.
I just feel like I’d be happier with the first set of circumstances.

April 3, 2014

Anonymous asked: If your spouse cheated on you, but still claimed to love you would you choose to work through it and stay with them or would you get a divorce?

We would work it out.
I’m sure that it would be hard, but we would get through it…I’m not for divorce.

April 3, 2014

Anonymous asked: What is the city you would most like to live in post-graduation?

1.) LA
2.) NY (if I could afford a decent place)
3.) Berlin (if I could work from home)

April 3, 2014

Anonymous asked: If you could go back to your freshman year and pick a different major, what would you pick?

I was technically undeclared until my sophomore year, but if I could go back, I would go straight into COM media instead of PR.
And I would ditch the Chinese minor and pick up a journalism one instead.

April 3, 2014

Anonymous asked: If you found out that your child had down syndrome within the first week of your wife's pregnancy, would you terminate the pregnancy?


April 3, 2014

Anonymous asked: If you were James Franco's PR person, how would you cover-up/deal with his alleged attempt to hook up with a 17 year old girl?

Well isn’t the age-of-consent like 17 in NY?
I mean, if it IS him, then I would have him come out, issue and apology, and maybe volunteer somewhere? Idk. People seem to like that kind of stuff.

March 24, 2014
Inbox me!

It’s been a while since I last answered anonymous questions on here, so feel free to send me some, and I’ll answer them!

February 10, 2014
Where This Is (Hopefully) Going.

I know, I know. It’s been a hot minute since I put a proper post on here. Let me explain:

I always struggle with wanting to write more on this blog and also wanting to keep certain things private, which would explain the four entries sitting in my draft box right now. A lot has happened in my life since the last post, but whenever I consider writing about any of it, I usually end up talking myself out of it in an effort to maintain a degree of privacy.

When it comes to my internet presence, I do put a good amount of personal information out, but there’s also a good amount that I keep to myself. I’m the same way off the web as well, but I find myself especially protective when it comes to the internet, since anyone and everyone can see it once it’s published. We’ve all seen people over-sharing on social media sites, and that’s exactly what I want to avoid.

However, this desire to keep the personal things personal often gets in the way of producing good, candid pieces on here, which is one of the aims of this blog. You see, even though I do this for myself, I realize that this blog is also for you, the reader. And as someone who is pretty nosey loves to read personal blogs, I’m always blown away by how much I take away from posts that on the surface don’t apply to me, but contain universal principles that I’m able to learn from.

That’s where I want to take this blog.

Of course, I realize that getting this blog to that point will require a certain degree of vulnerability that I’m not totally comfortable with right now, but I’m willing to begin working past that. I still plan on keeping my business out of the streets, but I feel like there’s an art to effectively talking about life experiences without completely divulging everything. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that down pat.

If you’ve made it this far into this post, then thanks a lot for reading. The internet is truly a great place to be if you know good people and hang out in the right neighborhoods. As always, feel free to hit my inbox with any questions/comments/concerns, and I’ll be sure to answer them. I’ve also put a comment option on here for the non-Tumblr people!

Thanks, and talk to you all later.


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January 12, 2014


Let’s all go ahead and acknowledge the fact that packing just might be the worst activity known to mankind.

Now, take a moment and imagine that you have to pack for the next four months, and you’ll have my current struggle.

Truth be told, I’m a sucky packer as is, but this right here is a…

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